Updated 07.10.2022


In September, EtMVS Core 1.11 and Rep 1.07 versions were installed in the test environment (IQE). Installations of the upgrade to the production environment (PROD) will be carried out in October. Versions 2.00 and 3.00 of both the Core and Rep environments are under development and are scheduled to be ready next year.

International cooperation

During the discussions held at the international level, it was found that the alert management/communication platform AMS, developed by EMVO, is currently aimed more at manufacturers as a communication tool. The development of the platform and the corresponding discussions continue. Each country decides for itself, if and when they will join the respective platform, but in many countries well-functioning practices have already been established in the last years.


Annual fees for Marketing Authorization Holders for 2023 will be approved in the IV quarter.


Almost half of the EtMVS alerts in the III quarter were related to an unknown product code (i.e. a situation where the pack info had not been uploaded to the system). A quarter of alerts were caused by an attempt to deactivate an already deactivated pack.

Next steps

In the IV quarter, REKS and the Estonian State Agency of Medicine will meet to discuss medicines verification system. REKS conducts trainings for several pharmacies. A regular security audit of the EtMVS system takes place. Annual fees for marketing authorization holders for 2023 are confirmed.

REKS thanks all its partners for effective and pleasant cooperation and wishes you a colourful autumn!

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