Updated 08.04.2022


In the first quarter, REKS conducted an additional analysis of alerts. As a positive trend, it should be noted that compared to February 2021, the number of alerts has decreased more than 10 times in a year, while the number of packaging scans increased by 4% (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Dynamics of alerts and scans in February 2022 compared to February 2021

The installation of the next version of EtMVS (1.10) is scheduled for May. At the end of the second quarter, 96% of end users had adopted the new version of the user interface (v4). After installing the new version of EtMVS, support for the previous version of the user interface (v3) will be unavailable and the system may no longer be available!

Annual fees 2022

Until 31 March, MAH’s were able to apply for an exemption from annual fees.
In the second quarter, REKS will send invoices related to annual fees to MAHs.

International cooperation – AMS

In the first quarter, manufacturers also joined the alert management system (AMS) developed by EMVO. However, it is not a direct alert management system, but rather a communication channel through which, in particular, manufacturers can request data anonymously and the end user can submit data anonymously about an ongoing alert investigations.

REKS team thanks all its partners for an effective and pleasant cooperation!

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