Updated 30.03.2021

Processing of alerts

In January and February, 2224 alerts were processed by REKS. In February, the number of automatically processed alerts rose to a record of 94.8%, which means that the end user is automatically provided with an immediate response and the opportunity to dispense the medicine accordingly. The share of automatically processed alerts is related to the Estonian list of exceptions, which includes, on the basis of verified data, medicines that cause an erroneous alert upon verification.

The highest number of alerts in January and February was in two categories: unknown product code and expiration date. The latter is predominantly caused by one medicine that was added to the exceptions list at the end of 2020.

As of the end of March, 98% of retail pharmacies have signed an agreement to interface REK-IS with their information system. Hospitals and wholesalers report alerts mainly via a web form.

REK-IS allows the end user to receive immediate feedback on a medicinal product on the exceptions list and also to cover the required documentation needs related to an alert. Use of REK-IS is free for all end users.

Medicines verification on EU level

Estonia continues to be at a stable level in terms of deactivation of dispensed medicines compared to the market size (figure 1).

Figure 1. Percentage of medicine deactivation in EU countries

The share of alerts in relation to scans is on average in Estonia compared to other EU countries (figure 2), having somewhat increased compared to the indicator immediately after the transition period in September 2020 (less than 0.1%). The corresponding indicator reflects alerts from both end users and marketing authorisation holders.

Figure 2. Proportion of alerts at EU level
Renewal of MAH contracts

Due to the renewal of the financial model, REKS continued to renew all contracts with MAH. By the end of March, 99% of MAH agreements have been renewed and requests for exceptions have been registered (on March 31st, the acceptance of exception requests for 2021 will end). REKS will issue invoices for annual fees in 2021 in the second quarter. More detailed information on annual fees is also available on REKS’ website

REKS thanks all its partners for successful and pleasant cooperation! Stay safe and healthy!

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