Updated 30.06.2021

Seminar for end users – one year after the end of the transition period

On August 25th, a seminar for end users and marketing authorisation holders will take place in Tallinn, where an overview of the last year’s period after the end of the transition period will be given. It is possible to attend the seminar on site (by pre-registration), if the COVID-19 situation remains stable. The seminar is also broadcasted live in real time and can be watched on demand. Detailed information about the seminar schedule and registration will be sent to all partners by email and published on website in July.

Renewal of MAH contracts and invoicing

In the second quarter, the process of contract renewal was completed, which was done due to the change in financial model and reduction of annual fee rates in 2021. Annual fee invoices have been issued to all marketing authorisation holders. The amounts paid in advance by the manufactures when setting up REKS and the system have also been offset.

Medicines verification in Estonia and at EU level

The share of alerts in scans has decreased significantly in Estonia compared to previous quarter – 0.2% and 0.13% in weeks 7 and 9, 0.05% and 0.02% in weeks 23 and 25 (figure 1). One of the reasons for the decrease of alerts could be the cooperation of all parties to reduce the number of alerts caused by the keyboard misconfiguration. Additionally, if the end user identifies the cause of the alert himself and can therefore dispense the medicine without sending the alert. The figure is reflecting the alerts from both, the end users and marketing authorisation holders.

Figure 1. The proportion of alerts at EU level

EMVO is developing an alert management system (AMS), for which the testing will begin in summer and a pilot phase in autumn. The main purpose of the procedural system is to provide a better communication solution between end users and marketing authorisation holders, and to make the alert process more efficient

REKS thanks all its partners for successful and pleasant cooperation and wishes a beautiful summer! Stay safe and healthy!

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